Joe Scott

Joe has spent the past 30+ years in management, sales, and marketing. He began his professional life in 1978 with enlisting in the U.S. Army where he began as a surveyor and survey team leader. Later, he entered the U.S. Army Recruiting Command where he continued to refine his leadership skills and began to develop his sales skills through formal education and practical experience. Joe retired from the U.S. Army in 1998 and began a civilian career in sales and management that has spanned several industries including for-profit education, information technology, and non-profit pension services. Joe is a native of Central Pennsylvania and has spent most of his civilian life living and working in PA.

While in the military, Joe attended several professional sales courses and seminars, working through the ranks as an Army Recruiter. In addition, he attended several U.S. Army Leadership Schools and graduated with honors from all of them. Joe has a BS degree in Business Management from Central Pennsylvania College (graduated summa cum laude); however he still considers his practical experiences in management and sales as his greatest educational asset.

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