Our clients speak for us! CourseVector client recommendations and testimonials.

  • Hali Beckman Ltd Testimonial

    I can not say enough regarding the service we have received. I am not technically inclined and this company has been a life saver for me. Other companies you are on your own but not this one. They answer their emails and calls for help almost immediately. What a breath of fresh air. That being said they are NICE to boot.

    Hali, from Hali Beckman Ltd, works with CourseVector through a partnership with Zevon Media in Rhode Island. By partnering with designers around the country, CourseVector allows them to offer top-notch hosting and support to their clients even if hosting is not their forte.

  • North Wales Borough Testimonial

    Whenever I put a work ticket in, I receive quick and accurate service. Their response time and willingness to help goes above and beyond every time. This company exceeds my expectations!

    Christine, from North Wales Borough, works with CourseVector through the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.

  • Monroe County Control Center Testimonial

    I’ll be contacting you for the web-based one-on-one training, but otherwise, our build is complete. I would like to make one suggestion – that you provide for a version number on the face of every website you design, only while its in the design phase. Changes that I requested, it appeared to me, were being ignored, and so I would go through the trouble again of [re-sending changes] ONLY TO FIND OUT… that my copy was a cached copy. There [was] no way for me to know that… we weren’t on the same page. Other than that, it was a fairly easy process and the team was very patient as we amassed our data.

    Karen is with the Monroe County Control Center. CourseVector is working to address her concerns using a date/time stamp on our development sites. This should help to alleviate the confusion as to which version clients and developers are viewing. Thank you for the suggestion, Karen!

  • Borough of Susquehanna Depot Testimonial

    I worked with Gabriel with many, many changes. I am not tech savvy at all. He was incredibly patient, answered all of my questions and did a wonderful job updating our web-site. If I had a business, he is they type person I would want working for me!

    Margaret, from the Borough of Susquehanna Depot, works with CourseVector through the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.

  • Borough of Economy Testimonial

    I want you to know how much I appreciate all of the help that Mike Vandling and his group has given me. He has always been willing to help where he can and has even made me laugh while explaining things to me that I just didn’t understand. You have a wonderful group of people working for you and they should be commended for their dedication and hard work.

    Margie, from Economy Borough, works with CourseVector through the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.

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