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Office 365 Phishing Attack

A new Office 365 phishing attack is is bypassing email filters and security. The attack is a fake email that displays what appears to be the correct URL, but actually leads to a third party phishing URL. Always use caution when clicking any links from any media. Read more about the latest Office 365 phishing attack ...

Netgear Routers Critical Flaw

Certain Netgear Routers have a serious flaw that could allow takeover of the router simply by visiting a compromised website. CERT/CC says Netgear R7000 (firmware version and possibly earlier), R6400 (firmware version and possibly earlier), and R8000, (firmware version sport the vulnerability. Kalypto Pink says that models R7000P, R7500, R7800, R8500, and R9000 ...

Microsoft Update Causes Computers to Lose Internet Connection

Microsoft update causes computers to lose internet connections. Once updated, the PCs cannot automatically assign an IP address from the router and other devices on the network. The cause appears to be a bad automatically installed Windows Update patch. If you have your router and devices configured for static IPs, you should be OK. ...

WordPress Design Tips for a More Modern Website

Following our WordPress Design Tips can improve the visual appeal and usability of your website. Modern websites are highly stylized, using visually appealing combinations of text and graphics to keep the reader engaged. It takes a lot of effort to style each web page, as it often requires programming for every stylized page. The ...

Backlinks – Are They Really Helpful?

Backlinks are important to any website; however, the actual return on investment may be questionable. First and foremost, backlinks are more useful if they are coming from a site with a higher page rank or more authority than the page they are linking to. Obtaining backlinks from websites with less page rank will ...

Wapak Athletic Club Launches New Website

Wapak Athletic Club is a privately owned 24 hour fitness center located in Wapakoneta Ohio for adults 18 and older. CourseVector is proud to have assisted their effort to launch the club’s website. If you are considering a new or redesigned website, check out CourseVector’s Web Design Packages.

Bangor Borough Website Upgrade

Bangor Borough implements a new web design. A long time client, Bangor Borough gets a new design through their Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs membership. If you are considering a new or redesigned website, check out CourseVector’s Web Design Packages.

A.F.T. Associates Joins the CourseVector Family

A.F.T. Associates, LLC is a full-service lobbying and business strategies consulting firm with offices in Trenton, New Jersey. CourseVector converted from HTML to WordPress. If you are considering a new or redesigned website, check out CourseVector’s Web Design Packages.

Gmail Hack

Gmail hack results from Android phone vulnerability. An Android phone vulnerability allowing access to private information stored on Android phones resulted in over 1 million Gmail accounts being hacked. The actors are using the hacked email accounts to send out potentially damaging malware using the names and email addresses stolen from the compromised ...

Exact Match Domains Can Lead to SEO Penalties

An Exact Match Domain is a domain name that precisely matches a search query that will likely drive traffic to your website. Back in 2012, Google implemented a filter to prevent poor quality sites using Exact Match Domains from ranking well. As of this writing, Exact Match Domains are discouraged by White Hat SEO ...

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