Welcome East Stroudsburg Borough

The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs welcomes East Stroudsburg Borough to the Web Design Program offered as a benefit of PSAB membership. The borough had another website that was not a content management system. We created a new website in WordPress and transferred all of the content from the original site.

WebEx Chrome Plugin Has Been Exposing Users To Attack

If you have use the WebEx service through chrome, you may have been compromised. The following vulnerability has been around for a long time. Patching is recommended, however, the use of the plug in anytime prior to the patch could have presented issues. The Chrome browser extension for Cisco Systems WebEx communications and collaboration ...

Carlton Cleans Pressure Washing and CourseVector Hosting

Carlton Cleans Pressure Washing improves website performance, stability and security through the CourseVector Manage Hosting Program. Carlton Cleans, with 20 years of experience, provides quality Maryland pressure washing / power washing services and deck cleaning and staining in Montgomery County, MD and throughout the state.

Ford City Borough Joins PSAB Web Design Program

Ford City Borough launched their new website designed, created and maintained by CourseVector on behalf of The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB). PSAB offers a highly discounted website program to municipalities in Pennsylvania.

SEO Marketing Using Pop Ups Not A Good Idea

SEO marketing that attempts to gain conversions by covering a portion of a web page is now being frowned upon by Google and should be avoided. This is particularly prevalent on mobile web pages as a pop up that takes 10% of the screen on a desktop, might cover 90% of the mobile screen. ...

Ransomware Statistics From 2016

Armada Cloud has published an informative infographic on the state of ransomware in 2016. Armada offers solutions to help mitigate the effects of ransomware attacks.

Phishing Scam Technique Can Fool Professionals

Phishing scam techniques are always changing.  This one is especially troubling in that it is very difficult to spot and in the future could be next to impossible to detect. Basically, an actor compromises a Gmail account, either through hacking or phishing. However, instead of doing damage to that account, the actor harvests Email addresses as ...

WordPress Backup With Updraft

WordPress Backup is provided, at no additional cost, for all of CourseVector’s managed hosting clients. Each Managed hosting client receives automatic, periodic backups via updraft to the Amazon S3 cloud storage service. Since this backup is stored off site, it offers maximum protection for our client’s website investment. Updraft is a simple and reliable website backup ...

WordPress Booking Plugin for WooCommerce

The WordPress Booking Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to turn your WooCommerce store into a full-fledged Booking & Reservation system. It can be used for any online bookable service or product. If you are looking to automate your appointments and bookings by allowing clients to choose available time slots, then this might be the ...

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