Can You Afford Digital Marketing?

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Small Businesses Can afford a Digital Marketing Agency

How is that possible?

It is not only feasible, but very possible to hire a digital marketing agency for not much more than a morning coffee at Starbucks. Of course a lot of small business owners are thinking, “I can’t possibly afford to hire a marketing agency, I can’t even afford another minimum wage worker, especially now that I have to provide Affordable Health Care that’s not so affordable for the small business owner, however necessary it is.”

What hiring a minimum wage worker will cost you

OK, if it were possible to hire a technician to work for minimum wage, it would cost you a minimum $1000 per month just in wages. Then it will be necessary to train that individual because very few people are going to walk into a position with the required skillset to get your website up and running and have the knowledge and experience to install the required plugins and widgets to perform the tasks necessary to expand your customer base.

Some of the talents or skillsets that position will require are: graphic arts, for logo and content creation; website design or redesign; the ability to conduct quantifiable market research, along with metrics and data analysis; create press releases and produce public relations pieces; product and services descriptions; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword or key phrase research; knowledge of picture and photo minimizing to speed up loading times; as well as social media advertising. A person with those skillsets could probably make more in a day than minimum wage would pay in a month.

That same person would have to produce one or two blog spots per week to hold client interest and provide an SEO and social media boost to a website. Customer oriented content needs to be search engine optimized and related to the product or service to reach the right people. Businesses that utilize blogging have 97 percent more inbound links than those that do not, mainly because people share what interests them with their friends. According to the Blogher 2014 Women and Social Media Study 84 percent follow social media events or ads shared by friends than a set group of pages.

Customers should be the main focus, not Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

What is going to drive your business to new heights are customers. Yes, it is a must to capitalize on social media to provide inexpensive advertising and it should be a key piece in any marketing strategy. However, that is just one piece of the giant puzzle that is part of a modern “online” marketing plan or strategy. To adequately focus advertising dollars there is also a need for market research as well as data and metrics analysis to provide indicators to when, where, and on what devices the people who buy products or services are most often getting the prompt to buy.

Other Pieces of the Puzzle

Not only is there a need to decipher market patterns, there is also the need for website design or re-engineering. Will that hire be required to do the necessary back-ups and website security? Simply setting up a website, cataloguing your products and services, and applying a widget to manage sales are not enough. Google, Bing, and other search engine indices algorithms require fresh content and backlinks to relevant websites to place your business at or near the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), which will bring searchers into your site. Eighty percent of internet sales are produced through search results.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) in most cases doesn’t work

So, if it’s not economically feasible to hire someone to perform those tasks, what about going the DIY route? You’re computer savvy and you know your way around. However, even if you had the time to devote to learning the basics of all the new tools and techniques, the DIY route would more than likely leave your website far short of a perfect set up. Developing the knowledge required of a good graphic artist, web development, content management specialist, market data analyst, SEO and social media advertising, just to name a few would take you away from what matters most, the product or service clients are going to buy.

On the other hand, just for a moment suppose you have the knowledge required to do these things for your website. Now you’ll need the software and tools required to perform these tasks, either through purchase or subscription. Let’s take a look at what InfoLinks see as The Complete List of Marketing Tools of 2015. If a marketing strategy could be put together with just one tool from each category that is still a large expense. Additionally, just having the tools does not make someone a writer, or graphic artist. It would probably still require someone trying to implement each aspect of an online marketing strategy to farm out a lot of the pieces to an outside agency.

Contracting an outside Agency

Now that we have looked at other possible approaches to fully implement a marketing strategy that will bring new clients into your business that are not realistic or economically feasible, let’s take a look at an approach that is both realistic and affordable.

Many online marketing agencies provide bits and pieces for an affordable price. A firm that provides website optimization and SEO could promise services for an initial charge of $250 to $300 to fix broken links, infuse keywords and phrases, and do a lot of the things required to get a website ranked at or near the top of Google, Bing and other search engine indices, and then collect a monthly fee to maintain the site. Another might charge a small fee to design a logo and design or redesign a website and then are gone leaving you to add plugins and widgets to ensure everything works in unison.

Why not consider a full-service company like CourseVector? CourseVector provides: website planning, programming, and design; logo design; WordPress content management and conversion; blog spots and press releases; database creation; site security and hosting, plus a whole lot more.

Some of the advantages of forming a partnership with CourseVector are gaining an experienced and reputable company that can implement the a marketing strategy, there’s no required training that to pay for, and there’s no need to wait for an employee to complete training to implement the plan. Furthermore, instead of taking on an employee that is a tax liability most of the expenses of hiring an outside agency such as CourseVector are tax deductible.

It is CourseVector’s goal to meet their client’s online marketing strategy by providing first class service that lasts. CourseVector gives its clients an affordable alternative to the high-priced, in-house efforts, which no matter how well planned those are, always seem to leave a hole somewhere, either on the website or in customer service. Let CourseVector’s graphic artists, web development engineers, content development professionals, and SEO analysts provide a free estimate for a fully functional website that provides inbound traffic from SERPs with no obligation.

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