SEO Marketing Using Pop Ups Not A Good Idea

SEO Marketing Using Pop Ups Not A Good Idea

SEO marketing that attempts to gain conversions by covering a portion of a web page is now being frowned upon by Google and should be avoided. This is particularly prevalent on mobile web pages as a pop up that takes 10% of the screen on a desktop, might cover 90% of the mobile screen. Google has always frowned on pop ups as being distracting to the visitor and CourseVector agrees and, to date, has not employed that as an SEO technique.

Like all things Google, it will take time to evaluate the effect of this change on actual SEO and we will endeavor to provide more information on this post as it becomes available.

Read more about how this change affects mobile websites . . .

If you have a website that is not producing or needs ranking improvements, we suggest CourseVector’s Free SEO Analysis. It is a great tool to evaluate where your website stands with Google and your competitors.

Phishing Scam Technique Can Fool Professionals

Phishing scam techniques are always changing.  This one is especially troubling in that it is very difficult to spot and in the future could be next to impossible to detect.

Basically, an actor compromises a gmail account, either through hacking or phishing. However, instead of doing damage to that account, the actor harvests Email addresses as well as Emails. Here is where it get interesting. They then look for Emails that may have an attachment or an image. The actor resends that email to the intended victim from the account that he/she first compromised, but the image or attachment has been replaced with a malicious link/program. So, bottom line, the Email comes from an individual you have been corresponding with. It is an actual email from the discussion you were having with the individual but the individual did not send it. Thinking that it is legitimate because it is just the next email in your conversation, you click the link, image or attachment – game over!

Although this technique has currently been spotted on gmail accounts, it can actually apply to any Email server. There are also several variations on what the actor can use to compromise your account, credentials or Email.

Since the bogus Email you receive comes from a trusted source and one you were having an Email discussion with, it is virtually impossible to spot the deception. And, savvy actors can easily bypass most scanners in one way or another.

We have no recommendations other than to be overly vigilant and look for anything in an Email that appears suspicious.

<A HREF=”” TARGET=”_blank”>Read more about one variation on how this is currently being used . . .</A>

Although this technique is very tough to spot, a good <A HREF=’’ TARGET=’_blank’>spam filter</a> is an essential part of any security program.

WordPress Backup With Updraft

WordPress Backup With UpdraftWordPress Backup is provided, at no additional cost, for all of CourseVector’s managed hosting clients. Each Managed hosting client receives automatic, periodic backups via updraft to the Amazon S3 cloud storage service. Since this backup is stored off site, it offers maximum protection for our client’s website investment.

Updraft is a simple and reliable website backup program that can be administer by almost any user. Installation is a breeze but proper configuration can be a bit tricky and should be monitored to make sure the software is performing as expected.

More information about the Updraft plugin can be found on their website.

This article on How to Backup & Restore Your WordPress Site with UpdraftPlus provides very simple instructions on the use of the plugin.

Of course if you are part of CourseVector’s managed hosting program then all of this is done for you as part of your hosting service.

WordPress Booking Plugin for WooCommerce

The WordPress Booking Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to turn your WooCommerce store into a full-fledged Booking & Reservation system. It can be used for any online bookable service or product. If you are looking to automate your appointments and bookings by allowing clients to choose available time slots, then this might be the plugin for you. The plugin is easily configured and can charge for a booking at the time it is scheduled. It can also be used for rentals, events, etc.

More details are available from the WordPress Booking Plugin website.

For more plugin recommendations see our complete list at

PSAB Offers Additional Block Time At Discounted Rate

This post is for municipalities that are part of The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Web Design Program.

If you have a large website and the initial design consumes all or most of your contract time, consider buying an additional block of time at a discounted rate. This option is also great if you have a lot of updates throughout the year and you are using PSAB to make those updates and maintain your website. The discounted rates are as follows:

3 hours of extra time at $165
5 hours of extra time at $250
7 hours of extra time at $315

The above time does not expire and will remain with your account until you cancel, are terminated or have used all of the time. At contract renewals, the 7 hours that comes with your contract will always be used first prior to dipping into these amounts. Without purchasing discounted block time, extra time is billed at the rate of $60 per hour.

To purchase a discounted block of time simply send an email to indicating the number of hours you wish to purchase.

Hello Kitty Database Breach Exposes Children’s Information

Hello Kitty data base information including 3.3 million user credentials belonging to Hello Kitty parent company Sanrio has been released on public venues. The breach was originally reported in December 2015, but at the time Sanrio denied any data was stolen as part of the breach.

For those of you with children, we thought we would post this breach. The biggest threat to children with these types of breaches is the fact that a predator now has sufficient information to do research on a potential target. With that information in hand, it is much easier to become “friends” with the child and possibly request a meeting or, at a minimum, glean information about the child’s parent’s, school, etc. In our opinion, data breaches concerning children are the worst and we strongly suggest that parents discourage under age children from signing up for anything online. In today’s world, that is a tough request, but the alternatives are worse.

Read more about this breach . . .

SEO Strategies That Do Not Work

SEO StrategiesSEO Strategies vary depending upon who you are talking to; however, there are some things that most legitimate SEO professionals agree on. We found a great article called 4 Dumb SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Site Penalized on Entrepreneur that we completely agree with. Many potential clients want a “quick fix” and see link building as the ultimate in SEO tactics. Unfortunately, that is a great way to get a website penalized by search engines. The article provides the following 4 tips:

  • Acquiring links to your home page will not necessarily help your site rank higher.

  • Links provided by an SEO company, in which the SEO company owns the sites providing those links, will usually not produce results.

  • Links from sites that have been penalized can lead to penalties for your site.

  • Purchasing links is never a good idea.

For more information concerning each of these potential issues, check out 4 Dumb SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Site Penalized.

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