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Give CourseVector a try on your terms.Let us be your on-line support team.

At Course Vector, we realize how tough it is to go online and try to deal with someone you do not know for the very first time – the results just might not be there. We’re not looking for once-and-gone contacts; we are looking for future long-term clients and we have a lot of them. Still, they know and trust us, but you don’t…yet.

So here is our solution…. We call it our “Get to Know us Proposition”!

You send us the specs for the project. If we accept it and the deadline is within reason, we will complete the project to your satisfaction and on time. We will bill you what we would have normally for that project BUT, you pay what you feel the job is worth. That’s right – you set the price. You get the opportunity to sample our work and we get the opportunity to earn a new client. We are so confident in our work, we know you’ll be glad you chose Course Vector.

No fine print. No strings attached. Just honest, professional, timely work, done at the fairest price possible…yours.

With hundreds of websites under contract and thousands of new websites produced over the past 25 years, not to mention…thousands of satisfied clients since 1989, we are very confident in our ability.

We deliver what we promise!

Send us the specifications for you project today to find out what so many of our long-time customers already know!

End Point Security Services

CourseVector now offers increased security services for your office PC. Let us take the guesswork out of computer security. Our protection plan is three-fold.

1.) We will install ControlNow EndPoint Security to monitor services, drive health, and basically most PC health issues as well as end point virus protection. It will notify us of “any” issues.

2.) We will install Malwarebytes EndPoint Security. This creates a sandbox around individual programs, so that in the event there is an issue, it is contained to a single program and does not spread to your computer or your network. It also provides real time malware protection and notifies us of any issues.

We review all incoming issues and handle most remotely, if there is a need to do so. If there is a critical issue, we would notify you. A security tech reviews every notification and acts on your behalf, if needed. Many notifications are either false, require only a minimal adjustments, or, none at all.

The service costs $160 per year per computer with a one-time $50 setup fee.

3.) In addition, we also offer an email spam filter called PostLayer that stops most viral emails and attachments. This
service runs $50 per year for up to 10 email addresses. This is fully managed as well and works behind the scenes. We NEVER delete spam email. It is filtered into a different folder or even a completely different email address. Only confirmed viruses are blocked.

Please contact us today for more information about how CourseVector’s End Point Security Services can protect your business.

Google Verification

It is necessary to claim and validate your business with Google for your business to appear in Google Maps and appear properly in searches. This helps to build trust between you and the consumer.

Should you verify your business via snail mail, you will receive a postcard that looks like this:


You will then need to enter the code on the postcard at the URL also listed on the card.

If we are handling your SEO and/or social media, you can send us the code using your SEO ticket number.

Call Out From CV on Personal Phone

Instructions on how to call from (717) 516-6955 from any phone.

Dial 7175166955 (pause)
Dial # (pause)
Enter your [EXT] and # (pause)
Enter [PHONE_PASSWORD] and # (pause)
Dial 3 (pause)
Dial 1 (pause)

At this point, listen to the prompts from the phone system. You will be asked to dial the client’s phone number.

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