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Tried SEO Internet Marketing Services Before? Not Seeing Results?

Here’s why… Many SEO service companies promise #1 rankings – and they might deliver on paper. The problem is that many target keywords that no one is searching for. If no one is searching for these keywords, you are not getting the visibility you paid for, even if you are ranked #1 on every available search engine. Our Free Internet Marketing Report can help.

CourseVector’s SEO Internet Marketing Services are different.

CourseVector focuses on Organic SEO. Organic SEO is defined as search engine ranking results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. Organic SEO is an investment that produces long term Return on Investments and does not require large monthly expenditures.

Organic SEO is most effective when a page has relevant keywords and content, arranged in a technical manner that allows Google and other search engines to consider the web page important to those who may be searching for the targeted keywords. As such, once a page is properly “optimized” rankings should continue to improve over time. Thus a small one time investment continues to pay dividends well into the future.

On Page SEO at a One Time Charge Per Page

CourseVector’s Internet Marketing Services can provide/include per page Organic SEO optimization for an average cost of $60 per page including the following:

  • Detailed analysis suggesting targeted keywords that provide the most potential for the investment.
  • SEO friendly URLs.
  • Optimized Meta Tags.
  • Schema.
  • Optimized headings.
  • Targeted primary sentence structure.
  • Optimized image tags.
  • Page speed analysis and recommendations.
  • Detailed reporting for each optimized page including starting rank.

Monthly Internet Marketing Services

Results Reporting with Continued Internet Marketing and Ranking Improvement Recommendations

For a small monthly fee CourseVector will monitor your website, provide on page SEO, make site adjustments, provide analysis, do goal and rank tracking, and make recommendations to continue to improve your visibility in organic search. Monthly Internet Marketing Services may include but are not limited to:

  • On page SEO
  • Article research and writing
  • Technical site adjustments and updates
  • Press releases
  • Directory listings
  • Ex plainer videos
  • Infographics
  • Bot crawling (real time monitoring of your websites ranking, competition, SEO errors and more)
  • Analytics
  • Google consulting (when they change their protocol)
  • Goal monitoring (hit tracking, bounce rates, etc)
  • Free SEO consultation, recommendations, analysis, reports and goal reviews
  • Site visit analysis
  • Bounce rate review and recommendations
  • Best & worst performing pages
  • Conversion rate monitoring
  • And more!

CourseVector’s Internet Marketing Services can also include content writing, blog post optimization, page layout and design, and most other web design and marketing considerations. Simply request a price quote for the services you are in need of.

SEO Internet Marketing Services: Where to Start

You have nothing to lose by allowing us to complete a Free SEO Website Marketing Analysis. We will provide your free report along with a few suggestions that, if completed, will give your website a boost in organic search. Take a look at a Sample Free SEO Analysis Report.

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