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LeatTechLeap Technology Partners, whose marketing slogan is “We Bring Clarity to Commercialization,” is a cutting edge technology company that takes the guess work out of industrial commercialization and patent licensing for already established companies, start-ups, and research labs. Leap Tech was already a highly specialized and experienced company in Aerospace, Automotive, Advanced Materials, Robotics & Machine Vision, and Electro-Mechanical Devices that wanted a website to expand their reach and showcase their talents. Consider these case studies: Market Segmentation and Strategic Partnering; R&D Pipeline Management; or Assessing Licensing Potential of Inventions to determine what solutions they might be able to apply to your business challenge.

They needed an internet platform to showcase their unique talents to those in need of their services. CourseVector LLC provided them with design and hosting for their website using WordPress, which gives them a nation-wide presence on the internet from their Boston Technology Corridor home-base in New England.

Small Business, small budgets, big results

Creating non-intrusive TV and magazine ads that bring clients into your business can be an expensive proposition, whereas the internet is an inexpensive alternative to spending big dollars on hit or miss TV and magazine advertising. Small businesses without a strong internet presence can’t possibly hope to keep up with their competitors who are already online. Yet, most small businesses have a majority of their budgets tied up in products and labor. The big question for them is how to attain a global internet presence without blowing up the budget.

CourseVector’s small business pledge

We at CourseVector understand the budgeting challenge small businesses face when exploring an internet presence. In most cases it is a “Catch-22,” spend the money and strain the budget or possibly lose out to competitors that have already made the commitment. Last year, 70 percent more new clients learned about the company they chose to do business with through the internet than through a TV or magazine ad. For as little as $48 annually, we provide small businesses an internet presence; with a properly designed website, free of charge, that will turn searching strangers into contacts and contacts into clients.

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