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A Fresh Take on SEO Service Online Marketing

Tried SEO Service Marketing Before? Not Seeing Results?

Here’s why… Many SEO service companies promise #1 rankings – and they might deliver on paper. The problem is that many target keywords that no one is searching for. If no one is searching for these keywords, you are not getting the visibility you paid for, even if you are ranked #1 on every available search engine.

CourseVector SEO Web Marketing is different.

Our Website Optimization Services focus on long-term marketing:

Our small monthly fee includes more than just monitoring!

For a small monthly fee, we will monitor your website and provide analysis and recommendations to continue to improve your visibility in organic search. Some additional items included in this monthly fee are:

  • Bot crawling (Real time monitoring of your websites ranking, competition, SEO errors and more)
  • Analytics
  • Google consulting (when they change their protocol)
  • Goal monitoring (hit tracking, bounce rates, etc)
  • Free SEO consultation, recommendations, analysis, reports and goal reviews

We do not take SEO accounts without monthly management as it is important that we track goals and success in order to show our clients positive return on investment.

Monitoring alone will not provide organic search ranking improvements. Website work is also required. CourseVector’s team of experts will recommend tasks that, if completed, will help your position in organic search. How much or how little you do is up to you. Who completes the tasks is also up to you. We provide a quote for each individual task and stand ready to help in any way we can. Our team of experts often can optimize an existing page for under $100.


CourseVector’s SEO web marketing clients enjoy access to our analytics data. Log in at any time to see real-time statistics on website traffic. Clients will have a clear picture of site performance, including:

  • Site visits
  • Bounce rate
  • Best & worst performing pages
  • Conversion rates
  • And more!

SEO Web Marketing: Where to Start

You have nothing to lose by allowing us to complete a free website analysis. We will provide your free report along with a few suggestions that, if completed, will give your website a boost in organic search. Take a look at a Sample Free SEO Analysis Report.

Why do I need SEO?

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