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Explainer Videos

Yes we do Explainer Videos!

Instead of competing for advertising space, the internet has ushered in an age where companies are forced to compete for attention. A video can be your ticket to winning the attention of your potential customers. Think of explainer videos as 60-90 second commercials prepared for your website. These short videos can be a helpful sales tool for any type of business.

CourseVector can help you create and publish your own explainer video. Our expert staff will help you to conceptualize your video, concentrating on your brand and your buyers wants and needs. Writers can write a script from scratch or help you to edit a script that you write on your own. Our artists and programmers will then bring your words to life using a mix of static graphics and animations. The explainer video will get its final polish when voice meets animation.

An explainer video can be a smart addition to any website. We look forward to hearing your vision!


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