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WordPress Training At Your Fingertips!

The WordPress Helpers WordPress Training ProgramOne of the many reasons CourseVector chooses WordPress is because of it’s useability and community. We really try to ensure that our websites are plug-and-play, giving our clients the freedom to make changes if necessary. However, sometimes an extra bit of WordPress training makes all the difference in maintaining a WordPress website.

That is why we are pleased to announce that one of our clients has launched a new site called While there is information here on all-things-WordPress, one of the more interesting features is their one-on-one WordPress training.

In addition to the WordPress training, the sense of community is strong. With forums and news feeds, you are sure to find the help you are looking for. Founder Jeff Yablon strives to help you “make WordPress work quickly, inexpensively, and without chasing all over for answers to simple questions.”

Whether you need a teacher, helper, tutor, trainer, or doctor, the WordPress Helpers might be just what you’re looking for.

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