Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud HostingCourseVector’s Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting powered by Amazon offers unmatched scalablity, reliability, and support. Bring your website onto the same platform used by Netflix, Intuit, Hertz, Time Inc. and more. Dedicated servers mean you don’t have to share resources with another client. Cloud hosting can scale to fit your business needs. Plus, this service offers all of the benefits of CourseVector’s Managed WordPress Hosting services.

You worry about your business, and let our team of WordPress experts handle your website.

Dedicated Hosting That Grows With You

Amazon Dedicated Cloud Hosting is easily customized to fit any size business and accommodate growth.

Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Options

TierPriceMemory LimitProcessorDisk SpaceTransfer Limit
Tier 1$300/year512 MB Memory1 Core Processor20 GB SSD Disk1 TB Transfer
Tier 2$375/year ($35/month)1 G Memory1 Core Processor30 GB SSD Disk2 TB Transfer
Tier 3$480/year ($45/month)2 G Memory1 Core Processor40 GB SSD Disk3 TB Transfer
Tier 4$725/year ($65/month)4 G Memory2 Core Processor60 GB SSD Disk4 TB Transfer
Tier 5$1200/year ($110/month)8 G Memory2 Core Processor80 GB SSD Disk5 TB Transfer
Custom TierContact UsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Fast, Reliable WordPress Hosting

Dedicated Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting is the solution you’ve been looking for. Here’s why:

  • Amazon is one of the fastest networks in the world
  • Can increase speed through the Amazon CDN network
  • Amazon network reliability
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Unlimited Email boxes (up to 4G of storage total and can be expanded)
  • All the features of our WP managed hosting.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is just that – a server dedicated to one client. Because there are no other clients pulling resources, your website gets all that the server has to offer.

Why use cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a cluster of servers designed to expand and share the same data. Its stability and affordability make it the ideal solution when looking at hosting options. The ability to expand at a moment’s notice is also a huge benefit to cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can by 5 – 50 times faster than more traditional hosting options. It can also handle more traffic at one time than other hosting solutions.

Does cloud hosting offer data encryption at rest?

Yes, to help keep your data secure, all attached disks and disk snapshots are encrypted at rest. What this means for you is that your website will be compliant with most data encryption and transfer requirements up to but not including HIPAA (if interested in HIPAA compliance contact us for compliance options).

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