Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Security and reliability are at the top of everyone’s list when choosing a company to host their website. However, even the most reliable hosts have hiccups from time to time. What happens to a website when something goes wrong on a server? Disaster recovery plans must be in place.

Disaster recovery is a primary focus of CourseVector’s affordable web hosting packages. We provide several plans to suit your needs for easy data recovery, depending on the hosting plan purchased.

CourseVector uses redundant backups to minimize downtime in the event of an emergency. Here’s how:

Operating System File Recovery (System Level)

These backups would be used to restore an entire rack of servers at one time with the intention of only restoring operating system files..

  • A complete web server backup is done daily, with a 3-day retention. Backups are stored offsite with ISP.
  • A manual server backup is done approximately every 2 months, with a 2-month retention cycle. Backups are stored offsite with ISP.

Data Recovery (Server Level)

These backups could restore an individual client account and recover deleted files including all email, programs, photos, etc. Data recovery includes operating system file recovery (System Level), plus individual cPanel backup, done twice per week, with a 35-day retention cycle. Backups are stored offsite on Amazon S3 servers.

What Disaster Recovery Means To You

These backups are translated to our clients through the following affordable hosting options:

Basic Hosting Solutions

Even our most affordable hosting plans include disaster protection. Backups include both operating system file recovery (System Level) and data recovery (Server Level). This means that your website is protected from server failures even with our most basic plan!

Managed Hosting Solutions

CourseVector’s managed hosting plan includes operating system file recovery (System Level) and data recovery (Server Level) services, plus WordPress backups, done weekly, with a 5-week retention. Backups are stored offsite on Amazon S3 servers. Backups can be restored by the user from within WordPress. An additional WordPress backup is done every 6 months as a part of our maintenance routine, with 1-year retention cycle. Backups are stored offsite at our office. Having a backup of your WordPress installation makes it much easier to recover from a server-level failure or an outside attack (website hack or malware).

Custom Disaster Recovery

Worry-free, affordable web hosting is possible. Our customizable solutions can fit any need and budget We can configure most of the above backup solutions to your specifications. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

*Note: CourseVector does not guarantee any backup for fitness of use. We do multiple backups on all levels to ensure that a valid backup is always available, however, it is strictly the responsibility of the client to verify backup files. Though unlikely, any or all of the available backups could be unusable.

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