Bogus Emails

We got several bogus Emails today, so please be on your toes. The Email below is unique in that it appears 100% legitimate, even the header. The bank has apparently been hacked. Not sure if they know it or not. The Email address is valid and the Email came from the banks server. Does not bode well for the bank. The giveaway here was if you rolled over the View Message link, it went to a website called If we had dealt with this bank in the past, there is a very good chance we would have clicked on the link or attempted to open the document. This is the second time one of our vendors or clients has been hacked and we received what appeared like legitimate Emails that would have installed viruses on our system.

It is next to impossible to filter these types of Emails, so our only defense is staff. Please be very careful. Even for people and companies you know are legitimate. If at all possible, roll over the link that is in the Email before you click. If you are at all unsure, forward the Email to and let us evaluate before you click on anything.

Here is the Email that was received by staff:

As you can see, this person does indeed work at the bank and the Email came from her, verified.

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