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Please be advised that syncing bookmarks, etc., within your browser at work is not an acceptable use of company owned equipment. The issue arises because when you sync your browser between various computers and devices, each device contains all of the information, collectively, from every device. Syncing a personal device / browser with a work computer will transfer all of your personal histories, passwords, etc., which are then clearly visible on the work computer. There are several issues with this scenario:

1) The obvious issue is that PSAB is not interested in your personal information, however, just placing that information on your work computer violates acceptable use for a work computer.

2) Your work histories, passwords, etc., are available on any device that you synced with the work machine. This situation is even more of an issue as transporting certain company information off premise, in some circumstances, could be illegal.

3) When IT reviews computers, it is impossible to tell what is work and what is personal. As a result, firewall rules have to be examined as the personal histories “appear” to have happened on the work computer which could indicate a firewall issue.

The above situation can only occur if you actually sign into an account on your work computer. For instance, Chrome would be a Google account. Firefox has their own system and would require an account with Firefox. Internet Explorer/Edge would sync if you were to log into a Microsoft account.

We realize that, for some, not being able to sync bookmarks, may be a hindrance to job performance. Browsers can be configured to just sync bookmarks and certain types of information. If you require bookmarks to be sync’d or if you suspect you may have signed into an account and personal histories may already be on your work computer, please open an IT ticket and one of the technicians will review your computer with you and help with settings, etc.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

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