cPanel Unblocking a Server Lockout

CourseVector security can and will cause users to be locked out if multiple attempts are made to access a website, Email, etc., with incorrect credentials. Lockouts are temporary and will only last 10 minutes, at which time, they are automatically removed. of course if you are using improper access information or you have a misconfigured device, then the lockouts will continue to occur until the issue is remedied.

Please note that CourseVector does not maintain records of Email passwords. If you have misplaced your Email password, you will need to log in to cPanel and reset the password. CourseVector only supports RoundCube Webmail. Our system works with almost all clients and mobile devices, however, free support is only provided for RoundCube.

If you suspect your site is blocked by our firewall, please try to visit your website from the browser. If our firewall is indeed blocking, there will be a message on the screen and you can release the block from that screen simply by indicating you are human.

Many reasons could cause you to continually become blocked, however, the three most common are someone attempting to hack your Email from inside of your building, an Email client like Outlook, an iPhone, etc, is using the wrong password, or a virus has invaded your network. Any time that someone or something tries to access Email with the wrong password more than 10 times in one minute the system will block the IP assuming it is a hacker or virus. Since a human would probably not attempt that number of wrong entries, this only leaves a mis-configured Email client or a virus.

Your network administrator should double check all connections to your Email, including cell phones, tablets, computers, etc., to make sure they are all configured properly and not producing errors. If they are all correct, you should probably get a local IT specialist to help you resolve the issue.

“Sometimes” we can tell which account is causing the issue, but we have to review thousands of log file entries and we need your IP address to do that. The charge is $15 – $30 depending on what we find. If you would like us to make that review, please complete the form at http://ip.coursevector.comand and we will initiate the search. Note that we do not “promise” that we can help you narrow down the issue as there are a lot o variables to consider and only certain information is available within our log files. Normally, though we can locate which account is causing problems.

cPanel Unblocking A Server Lockout

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