Email Unsubscribe Does Not Seem To Work

Email Unsubscribe

Why does using the Email unsubscribe option of an Email does not seem to reduce spam?

In many instances an unsubscribe link is not legitimate. Sometimes the unsubscribe link is simply used to verify that you have a working email address. Unsubscribing in that instance will also tell them that you actually opened the email.

So, how do you tell if an Email unsubscribe is valid? The short answer is that you don’t. It is very difficult, even for a pro, to distinguish the difference. Usually, if an Email is completely unsolicited and just shows up in your in box, that is a good indicator that the unsubscribe may not be legitimate. In that case you are better off submitting the Email to whatever spam service you are using. If the Email is from a company that you have done business with or one that you recognize as legitimate, then it is likely that the unsubscribe will work.

Unfortunately, the unsubscribe can be short-lived. For instance if you buy another product from the company or you contact them after unsubscribing, you are likely to start getting spam again. Further, many companies, periodically, put their entire Email list back into circulation. In that case, you may have unsubscribe a year ago and have not gotten spam, but then it all of a sudden starts showing up again.

CourseVector recommends a good spam filtering system rather than relying on the hit or miss that results from unsubscribing.

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