End Point Security Services

CourseVector now offers increased security services for your office PC. Let us take the guesswork out of computer security. Our recommended protection includes virus scanning, malware protection and Email spam prevention. You may purchase any or all of the solutions, however, we strongly suggest all three.

Virus Solution


We will install ControlNow EndPoint Security to monitor services, drive health, and basically most PC health issues as well as end point virus protection. It will notify us of “any” issues.

We review incoming issues and handle most remotely, if there is a need to do so. If there is a critical issue, we would notify you. A security tech reviews every notification and acts on your behalf, if needed. Many notifications are either false, require only a minimal adjustments, or, none at all.

The service costs $110 per year per computer with a one-time $50 setup fee. The license is provided to you by CourseVector and is included in the $110 per year fee.

Malware Solution


We will install and configure Malwarebytes Endpoint Security. Malwarebytes Endpoint Security brings all of our industry-leading protection and remediation technologies into one powerful solution. This multi-layer defense model breaks the attack chain by combining advanced malware detection and remediation, malicious website blocking, ransomware blocking, and exploit protection in a single platform.

Delivering multi-stage attack protection provides companies of all sizes, across all industries, around the globe the ability to stop an attacker at every step.

The client must purchase the license as it is a yearly subscription and should be registered to the client. At the time of this writing, the yearly fee was $39.99. CourseVector has a $50 setup fee for the installation and configuration of our malware solution. This setup fee is waived if purchased with our Virus Solution.

Email Anti-spam


In addition, we also offer an email spam filter called PostLayer that stops most viral emails and attachments. This
service runs $50 per year for up to 10 email addresses. This is fully managed as well and works behind the scenes. There is a one time $50 setup fee for this service.

Please contact us today for more information about how CourseVector’s End Point Security Services can protect your business.

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