Equifax Breach – Practical Information About the Breach

Security News Bulletin
There has been a lot written about the Equifax Breach and it is not our intentions to duplicate all of the news. However, if you are interested in some practical information and advice based on our review of the breach, the following links should help you to avoid potential issues that may affect you personally.

Locks and freezes only work if you block access to your files at all three bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union), which you have to do separately; if you only close off access to your Equifax file, someone might use information from the Equifax breach or some other data theft to open a credit card in your name at a bank that only checks an Experian report.

Online thieves may be exploiting the Equifax panic
Equifax will NOT call you about your account! If you receive a call from “Equifax” it is a scam.
Here’s What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen
Equifax Data Breach FAQ
Implications of the Equifax Breach
Awareness Officers – What to Communicate About the Equifax Hack
What is a Security Freeze

If we run across any additional information that cuts through the clutter we will be sure and update this post.

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