Equifax Update October 13 2017

Date: October 13, 2017 | Categories:

To us, it looks like there is a good possibility that Trans Union and Experian may have had issues very similar to Equifax. They have hired high priced lobbyist to stop the government from auditing and investigating their systems and the news does not look promising.

It was announced that Equifax was breached in an entirely new incident again this week. So they are not learning from their mistakes. At last count, that is 3 major breaches of their system since this started.

In addition, there is now serious speculation that there were a lot more records than just 143 million that were actually released. Equifax also stated that many of the records that were compromised had images of driver’s licenses.

The Equifax Hack Included Almost 11 Million Driver’s Licenses

Equifax rival TransUnion also sends site visitors to malicious pages

Splitting hairs? After investigation, Equifax says it was not hacked again

Adware Hits Equifax Website

Equifax rival TransUnion has hired cybersecurity lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

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