FaceApp Security Warning

Date: July 17, 2019 | Categories:

This should be more personal than work, we hope, but required an immediate security warning since Penn Live is encouraging its use . . . . .

The news media, sports teams, etc., all all pushing how interesting the FaceApp is. So, at this point, lots of people are using it. The security issue is that it was developed by a Russian firm and there are indications that the app has multiple compromises and security concerns. At a minimum, it can create a profile on whoever’s face you put into the app. There are indications that additional information is then secured via the web and a picture profile created and stored on remote servers.

Penn Live decided it would be fun to play with.

While, at the same time, financial websites are carrying a security warning.

Again, this bulletin should be more personal than business, however, the issue being discussed on legal websites is not whether FaceApp can be sued (they cannot), but whether the individual who entered the face into the app can be held liable.

We strongly suggest this app not be downloaded and definitely not on a PSAB device.

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