Florida Department of State Notifies 945 of Breach Involving the Last Four Digits of Their SSN

What is of utmost important with this article is that only the last 4 digits of social security numbers were disclosed. Yet, the company is going to be penalized and is providing credit monitoring for the 900+ individuals that were “compromised.” The reasoning is that the last 4 digits, along with an account number, are sufficient for someone to hijack accounts or identities.

In reality, considering this line of thinking, almost anything could be classed as PII information. Any type of PIN, password, partial social security number, partial credit card, coupled with the account number could result in a breach of PII. Even a copy of a check usually contains a name and account number. That would mean that keeping these items as archival paperwork would fall under the Red Flag Rule. The standard for security appears to be headed to digitizing any and all archival documents in secure, encrypted containers.

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