Google Ads Serve Up Phishing Sites

Google Ads sometimes serve up fake pages. Ads can show up at the very top of search results, clearly marked with a tiny green square that say “Ad”. Following is an example of what a Google ad looks like. It is NOT a fake link.

Google Ads Serve Up Phishing Sites
Sample Google Ad

Recently, when users searched “Amazon”, what looked like an ad for Amazon appeared at the top of the list. If clicked, the ad/link went to an “alert” page indicating there was something wrong with the operating system. Attempting to close the ad would freeze the computer.

So, how to avoid this type of scam?

  • If you have the choice between a non-ad and an ad, pick the non-ad site.
  • Float your cursor over a link before you click.
  • Read the page description attentively.

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