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Hello Kitty Database Breach Exposes Children’s Information

Hello Kitty data base information including 3.3 million user credentials belonging to Hello Kitty parent company Sanrio has been released on public venues. The breach was originally reported in December 2015, but at the time Sanrio denied any data was stolen as part of the breach.

For those of you with children, we thought we would post this breach. The biggest threat to children with these types of breaches is the fact that a predator now has sufficient information to do research on a potential target. With that information in hand, it is much easier to become “friends” with the child and possibly request a meeting or, at a minimum, glean information about the child’s parent’s, school, etc. In our opinion, data breaches concerning children are the worst and we strongly suggest that parents discourage under age children from signing up for anything online. In today’s world, that is a tough request, but the alternatives are worse.

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