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It can be difficult with all the email management services out there to determine what email service will be a best fit for your needs. CourseVector’s email managment service is completely customizable, powerful, and reliable meaning you can stop your search to find the features you need. Email with CourseVector means your email will be on the top 2% most reliable servers and email can be accessed through all of your devices; desktop computers, web, mobile devices, tablets, & laptops. In addition we offer flexible storage plans for your email inbox. Email management service options are endless with CourseVector.

Spam Filtering

Remove Junk Email, Block Viruses Before They Reach Your Network

Using a cloud-based Spam Filter to screen for spam and to block junk emails with dubious content or attachments is the best method for safeguarding an enterprise’s network from a viral attack. Because potential viruses connected with junk emails are sequestered on cloud servers, a business’s network remains protected.

In a world where network protection is paramount for both large and small businesses, using outdated technologies to parse emails within an entity’s own network is not only dangerous, but inefficient. A managed, off-site Spam Filtering system operates continuously to automatically vet incoming emails for junk content. Emails of questionable origin or content are filtered into a separate spam file, and blocked from an entity’s servers. Users can safely view and delete items in a specially designated spam folder from within their own mail client, without risking a breach to a company’s network.

Spam Filtering and Virus Blocker Features

While a cloud-based Spam Filter and Virus Blocker as implemented by CourseVector is customizable to the needs of the client, this fully-featured product automatically includes:

No Network Downtime – Redundant Systems Guarantee 24/7 Availability to Your Email

Live Virus Protection and Solutions

99% Effective

CourseVector not only connects your business with trusted Spam Filter and Blocker technology, but delivers the latest generation of email security and redundancy at budget-friendly pricing. Contact our dedicated, customer-focused team for a personalized plan and quote to secure your business’s email infrastructure.

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