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It can be difficult with all the email management services out there to determine what email service will be a best fit for your needs. CourseVector’s email managment service is completely customizable, powerful, and reliable meaning you can stop your search to find the features you need. Email with CourseVector means your email will be on the top 2% most reliable servers and email can be accessed through all of your devices; desktop computers, web, mobile devices, tablets, & laptops. In addition we offer flexible storage plans for your email inbox. You can store as much as you need, or you can even have us archive your email to free up space in your account. Email management service options are endless with CourseVector.

Spam Filtering

Remove Junk Email, Block Viruses Before They Reach Your Network

Using a cloud-based Spam Filter to screen for spam and to block junk emails with dubious content or attachments is the best method for safeguarding an enterprise’s network from a viral attack. Because potential viruses connected with junk emails are sequestered on cloud servers, a business’s network remains protected.

In a world where network protection is paramount for both large and small businesses, using outdated technologies to parse emails within an entity’s own network is not only dangerous, but inefficient. A managed, off-site Spam Filtering system operates continuously to automatically vet incoming emails for junk content. Emails of questionable origin or content are filtered into a separate spam file, and blocked from an entity’s servers. Users can safely view and delete items in a specially designated spam folder from within their own mail client, without risking a breach to a company’s network.

Spam Filtering and Virus Blocker Features

While a cloud-based Spam Filter and Virus Blocker as implemented by CourseVector is customizable to the needs of the client, this fully-featured product automatically includes:

No Network Downtime – Redundant Systems Guarantee 24/7 Availability to Your Email

Live Virus Protection and Solutions

99% Effective

CourseVector not only connects your business with trusted Spam Filter and Blocker technology, but delivers the latest generation of email security and redundancy at budget-friendly pricing. Contact our dedicated, customer-focused team for a personalized plan and quote to secure your business’s email infrastructure.

Archive Email Service

CourseVector’s Mail Store service offers an easy way to archive email, incoming and outgoing, for all email users, allowing for cost-effective storage management, regulatory compliance, easy retrieval and more. Our Mail Store Service is designed to be self-maintaining with little to no interaction on the part of the business/user.

For a while now, cPanel has had the capability to archive Email for all accounts within a domain. Activating that feature can cause issues in that the mail archives keep growing and online space storage becomes expensive. In addition, there have been recent incidents where an online server has been hacked, and email archives were compromised. Some of those emails inevitably contain sensitive information which causes the incident to be classified as a breach and could require reporting as well as payment of fines.

Why Archive Email?

Regulatory Compliance

One of the primary concerns for many businesses and municipalities is compliance. There are strict rules concerning email management and other documents that may affect businesses, clients, residents, members, etc. Sunshine laws are one example of regulations that may present compliance issues. Organizations in all industries face some level of compliance obligation that requires retention and production of business records. Some industries such as financial services, healthcare, energy, and government face strict and sometimes onerous regulations.


In today’s world, email management often becomes a major focus when something goes wrong. Certain regulated industries and institutions may be required to archive Emails for production when and if requested.

Email Management and Storage

Email archives can grow at an alarming rate when you consider the number of Email boxes in a domain, attachments, etc. Many email archives are kept online and can impact the cost of storage depending on the length of time Emails are to be archived. In a lot of instances, an archive email storage size can exceed the space used by the entire website, and additional online storage space is expensive. Further, searching through several million Emails, online, can take hours if not days. And, of course, there is the issue of security. If the online server gets compromised, even though it is believed there is no sensitive information in the archive, it is still likely to cause a reportable breach because there “could” be sensitive information in those Emails.

End User Productivity

How many times have you lost or accidentally deleted an Email? Or, suppose your Email becomes corrupt and is not recoverable. A good Email management system can find 1 Email in a million in less than a minute and, although it might take a few minutes, an entire Email box can usually be repaired and made serviceable should the need arise.

Space and Time

In today’s world, it is probably a good idea never to remove Emails from an archive. The rules for compliance and litigation change on a daily basis. In order to reduce liability, archived Email should be kept offline with only a minimal amount of history available in real time. The archive files themselves should be encrypted, and the size of the archive should be expandable and able to grow as needed. At some point the cost of Email archiving becomes a burden rather than an asset, so the Email archiving system should have a way to extract extremely old Emails, encrypt and compact while moving files to permanent storage. The archive Emails can then be safely stored outside the system, or, if policy permits, destroyed.


Ideally, archived Email should be very easy to use and access. It should be able to retrieve an individual Email in under a minute regardless of the size of the archive. It should also be able to extract an unlimited number of Emails in a format that can be imported into most desktop clients. The extracted Emails should be in a format that allows the end user to search through the files and locate keywords within individual Emails. Of course it is much easier and quicker if those searches are done from the actual archive; however, in a case where Email was moved to permanent storage, the extracted files should be in a format that allows for end-user searching.

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