How to Read Your Page Speed Report

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A page speed report gives a report on how fast your website is and highlights areas that can be improved. This report is generated using GTmetrix. You can test your website if you want anytime by visiting the link below.

How to Read Your Page Speed Report

The most important part to look at for your page speed report are the “Page Speed Score”, the “YSlow Score” and the “Fully Loaded Time”. Although we will attempt to increase your scores and decrease your load time as much as possible, we will remain practical in our approach.


Another area our technicians spend time analyzing is the waterfall. The waterfall displays the loading behavior of your page. We look at this to see if there are any specific items that can be optimized (like images).

Remainder of Report

The remainder of the report is used by our technicians but typically we spend most of our time analyzing the aforementioned sections of the report. The remaining report is, for the most part, self-explanatory as each section is labeled and includes explanations (on the right) for each of the ares of the report.

Why Your Page Speed Report is Important

It’s no secret that Google utlizes page speed to help determine search engine rankings. This report is important becuase it allows us to see areas of your site that can be improved and optimized.

Additional Questions?

Want to know more about your report? Contact us via your SEO ticket or via and one of our SEO experts will get back to you.

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