How to Read Your SEO Benchmark Report

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The Becnhmark Report is a ranking report that shows an approximation of the keywords your site is ranking for and their ranking position. CourseVector utlizes third party software to generate your Benchmark report.

Keep in mind that this report is just an approximation. The rankings on these reports can be up to 2 years old (the third party software uses cached data. For an exact ranking position of your keywords CourseVector instead will use the Ranking Report.

Reading Your Benchmark Report

seo benchmark report

Your website’s current ranking on Google for the indicated keyword.


The estimated number of total monthly searches for that keyword.


The Cost-per-Click for paid ads. Because our primary focus is on Organic SEO this is for reference only.


The percentage of traffic your site is currently getting for the indicated keyword.


Shows how difficult it would be to improve ranking for the indicated keyword.


The number of websites that are currently ranking for the indicated keyword.

Why a SEO Benchmark Report is Important

The benchmark gives us a place to start to plan for your SEO campaign. This gives us vital information on where to start, how to create your marketing plan, and more.

Additional Questions?

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