HP to Brick Printers if Non HP Ink Cartridges are Used

This is not really a security bulletin, however, it is something staff should be aware of, both for business and personal. HP is pushing a firmware update to printers. The update will basically destroy the printer if non HP ink cartridges are used in the printer. And yes, that means that the printer will become trash as soon as the cartridge is inserted. You cannot just take the generic cartridge out and replace it. The printer will short out the circuit board if it detects a non HP cartridge.

Since HP tried this once before, it is unclear at this time how many printers that are in use have the “bricking” feature, however, printers purchased from this point forward will most likely have it by default and if HP software is installed on a computer, it is possible that the printers will be updated with the new firmware.

We are unable to say for sure, but we may have had a case of this already within our office. Less than reputable resellers can package non compliant cartridges and market them as genuine cartridges, so the unsuspecting consumer could, conceivably, “brick” their printer by accident.

It is assumed that the reason for this “bricking” feature is to allow HP to raise cartridge prices while preventing users from switching to less expensive alternatives. So, we can expect cartridge prices for HP models to begin to rise.

We have no good recommendations or comments about this development, but thought you should be aware.

Read more about HP bricking their printers . . .

(Note: the technician writing this review was visibly upset with HP and therefore the language is less than stellar.)

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