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Thought this was something the staff at PSAB might be interested in. We started a page for CourseVector clients concerning scams. Below, you will find examples that we or our clients received. They are all scams!

WordPress Database Upgrade Needed

Emails are being circulated telling customers that their WordPress installations need to be upgraded. As with many scam emails, there are many grammatical errors. The “Click here” box takes the user to a phishing page, asking for WordPress credentials.

Website Suspension Alert

We received this email from “cPanel” stating that our website was going to be shut down. Now, we know that our website is not going to be shut down because we host and control it. But, should you ever receive a message like this, here are some things to watch out for.

If we host your website, website suspension emails are going to come from CourseVector, not cPanel. But, if you see this and feel panicked, here are some things to look at. They make it seen pretty official with real screenshots of cPanel. However, this is not a screenshot of YOUR cPanel account! If you look closely, it’s a dummy account. Additionally the links are fishy. They do not go to a CourseVector website, which they should since we are the host. When in doubt, contact your website host before clicking on anything!
cPanel site deletion message

PayPal Account Access Suspended

One of our team members received this email, stating that he needed to provide all of his account details on their secure server. There are several ways to tell that this is a scam. The grammar and punctuation are horrible. Additionally, the “secure link” does not go to a PayPal website. But, if you’re in doubt, “To protect yourself, always log in to your PayPal account to confirm the information you received in an email. You can find all your transactions in your Activity page. For any cases such as buyer complaints or limitations, you can find them in the Resolution Center.” (PayPal)

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