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Have you ever thought, “If only I could get someone to sit down and walk me through some of these things on my website? I think it would work better.” CourseVector is doing exactly that!

In a bold new move CourseVector, one of the leading technology innovators in the northeastern United States, is offering live one-on-one, on-screen WordPress training.

CourseVector has been in business for nearly thirty years and their technicians have been designing and creating new websites and redesigning websites to meet the growing needs of their clients. Most users think of WordPress as new technology; however, WordPress was first released in 2003, making it over ten years old. CourseVector has been using and promoting WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) of choice for nearly five years and recommends its use to all our clients. Although WordPress is easy to use, some features can be tricky, as with any CMS or web design platform.

Hands-on WordPress Training


What we are offering is not a video tutorial, but actual hands-on training. The management at CourseVector realized there is a need for this type of training. There are currently few sites that offer this type of training, where a technician will call you on the phone, have you click on your website, so both of you are looking at the same screen, and walk you through whatever it is you are having a problem with. You will not need additional software, special shareware, or even a Skype account.

One of our technicians can help take the mystery out any of the following and more:

  • Log in
  • Media posts (pictures, graphics, video, sound and more)
  • Photo or Picture Galleries (not just posting your pictures, but how to minimize the size to cut loading time, without compromising quality)
  • how to add, edit, remove or style posts
  • how to add, edit, rename or style pages
  • add, remove, update, or activate plugins
  • and how to create and manage tables.

Most of these tasks are easy once you’ve done them once or twice. Finally, you’ll be comfortable managing and updating your website.

Knowledge at your Fingertips

Although YouTube is a good source of video tutorials for everything from simple math to nuclear physics, finding the right video that covers exactly what you need done can be time consuming, and it’s like they say, “Time is money!” Additionally, when you have a question or something doesn’t work as expected, you have to leave a question in the comment section and hope the author will answer. With CourseVector’s hands-on training you can ask the technician as you work through the steps.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal trainer to sit with you and steer you through the maze of plugins and widgets?

Fair Pricing with Amazing ROI

We charge only $50 for the first hour, which is our minimum and $30 per hour divided into 15 minute fragments of an hour for $7.50. That means if you use anything less than an hour your payment will be $50, but if you use an hour and one half, the charge is $65. This is only a fraction of what other computer technicians are charging and they won’t show you how to do it yourself because they want the residual income when you have to come back time and again.

All anyone needs to do to sign up is simply fill-in a Training Request Form. You won’t find this type of support anywhere else. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you make your website a showcase for your brand.

Send us a request form today, so that you’ll have the website of your dreams tomorrow and you’ll have the knowledge as well!

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