Malwarebytes Crashes Computers

Over the weekend, Malwarebytes pushed a bad update that shut down thousands of computers along with businesses that had Malwarebytes installed. The update used all available resources on a computer causing it to crash. Over the weekend, rebooting did not help because as soon as the computer rebooted, the resources were depleted.

Currently, Malwarebytes says that rebooting the computer will fix the issue. It may, however, take up to three reboots. If your computer is locked, please attempt to reboot. If you are unable to reboot, turn the computer off, wait 15 seconds and turn the computer back on. If you attempt a reboot three times and your computer still locks, please open a ticket as the software will need uninstalled and reinstalled.

If your computer was not on over the weekend, there should be no issues. If your computer was on, then the reboots should solve the issue; however, if you need help prior to the arrival of the IT department, please let Mira know and we will expedite our arrival time.

Read more about the faulty Malwarebytes update . . .

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