Malwarebytes Real Time Protection Warning

If you see the following warning generated by Malwarebytes, please turn on the Real Time Protection.

This has been a consistent bug with Malwarebytes and they have patched it many times and it continues to crop up. To be clear, even without Real Time Protection active, Malwarebytes still scans for malware, etc. Real Time Protection looks at the websites you visit and compares them to a list of known compromised websites. However, should you visit one while the service is turned off, Malwarebytes will still place that website in a sandbox which contains and prevents the virus. Basically, operating without Real Time Protection removes the first layer of security but still leaves 3 layers in place.

In the past, the software required a reboot to turn the service back on. As of now, it appears as though simply clicking the Turn On button will restore the service without a reboot.

If you have any questions, feel free to email IT.

Check out the Internal Security Bulletins Archive for additional security and important IT information.

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