More Security Issues

We are making every attempt to block what we can, but the attackers are also trying very hard to make their attacks so generic that we have nothing unique to identify the attack. We will stay at it, but we need your help. Please use extreme caution as the attacks seem to be up 10 fold and continue to let us know so we can try to block and also keep your co-workers informed and up to date. Following are some of the ones that have been submitted to us over the last 3 days.

Before we get into the phishing scams, here is a general warning about the latest iPhone update. It can stop your cellular data so the phone can only connect through the internet via WiFi. Read more about this iPhone issue . . .


From: Suzi Kent
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2018 12:19 PM
Subject: ACH Payment info

Good Morning,

I received a payment in the amount of $1,234.62, reference 067823. I have no idea what this is for.
Can you please let me know what this is for? Shows invoice number refund but it is not any of my numbers.

Thank you
Suzi Kent
Phone (Business):
744 723-9228
Phone (FAX):
744 723-9978

Any issues, please let me know.


Subject: REQUEST
Date: 2018-12-10 17:25
From: “Carl E. Cox” To:

I’ll need you to run a task ASAP, let me know if you’re unoccupied. I can’t talk now but will lookout for your reply will lookout for your reply.

Thank you


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