Suspect You Have Been Locked Out of Your Website and/or Email?

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CourseVector runs the latest in state of the art firewalls in order to ensure the protection of our clients. The security measures that we employ allow us to offer our clients a no-hack guarantee for managed websites.. One of our firewall rules will block a user’s access to the website or Email if too many wrong passwords are entered. Our systems will block the IP address (which could include everyone within your home or office) for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the block is released. If your connection to CourseVector’s server continue to get blocked, it is a good idea to check with your local system administrator. The cause is usually either a virus or a mis-configured Email client. CourseVector does not support Email clients, other than RoundCube, so the local system administrator will need to help resolve the issue(s).

We also allow the end user to unblock themselves if the security firewall is activated and the website or email becomes unavailable. If you feel you have been blocked by our security firewall, follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Navigate to Webmail Address

This is the page that displays if you are not locked out.
If you suspect you have been locked out of your server, go to your Webmail address that was provided with your access information. If you are actually locked out, you will not see the above screen, but rather the next one.
Connection blocked by firewall page.
Click the checkbox located next to the text “I’m not a robot“.
Where to click on Connection blocked by firewall page.
Once the green checkmark appears, click “Unblock”.
Page showing IP is unblocked
If your request has been granted, you will see the above indicated message.
Please note that the system will automatically unblock access within 15-20 minutes without user input.
If you have waited 20 minutes and still cannot access your server, feel free to have your system administrator contact support.

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