Do Not Assume SSL (the browser padlock or https) Means You Are Safe

Date: August 7, 2017 | Categories:

Hackers are increasingly using SSL to conceal device infections, shroud data exfiltration and hide botnet command and control communications. In fact, studies show that “the amount of phishing attempts per day delivered over SSL/TLS has increased 400 percent from 2016,” said Deepen Desai, senior director, security research and operations.

How does this affect you?
Do not assume that because a site says it uses SSL or even that the padlock is displayed in the browser that the site is safe or secure. The best way to avoid these types of attacks is to pay close attention to the URL, is not the same as Domain registrars are trying to crack down on bad actors that buy similar domain names, but that is a never ending battle and next to impossible.

Always double check the URL before entering information int a web form and do not assume that because the link in the Email has https:// that it is safe.

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