Potential iPhone Issues

Last year, Google caught Symantec issues unverified SSL certificates. An SSL certificate is what secures the data between two points. One of the uses is for a website. When you see the lock icon, the site has an SSL certificate. By issuing unverified certificates, bad actors were obtaining what appeared to be valid SSL certificates issuing locks on bogus websites. Google gave Symantec 1 year to pull the certificates, verify them, and reissue if they were legitimate. Instead, Symantec sold their SSL certification division. Google will not longer forward traffic to the invalid SSL certificates after March of 2018.

How does this affect us? Recently a security firm ran a scan of websites on the internet and discovered over 11,000 big name websites still using unverified certificates originally issued by Symantec. At the top of that list is Apple’s iCloud. iCloud is the service used to update iPhones, back them up, sync them with desktops and other services, etc. If this situation is left unchecked, there could be major disruptions with iPhones as when an iPhone wants to check for updates it will not be able to find the server. Further, we know some of you sync your iPhones with the calendar, etc. That “could” cease to function also.

At the moment, this is up in the air, but the cut off is approaching and the issue has not been addressed by Apple. Hopefully, someone at Apple will read the articles and take appropriate action, however, reissuing a valid certificate takes time.

Read more about the SSL issue . . .

Google to Block Symantec SSL Certificates

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