Recent Security Issues

01/26/18 Allscript still recovering from SamSam ransomware attack This is what happens when we rely entirely on cloud vendors for mission critical applications.
01/17/18 Malicious Chrome extensions infected 500K workstations
01/03/18 Forever 21 confirms credit card breach involving malware
01/03/18 Homeland Security Breach Exposes Staff, Agents and Witnesses
01/02/18 Web Trackers Lift Email Addresses Via Browser’s Autofill Feature
12/21/17 120 Million American Households Exposed In ‘Massive’ ConsumerView Database Leak – The leak included an extraordinary range of personal details on residents, including addresses, ethnicity, interests and hobbies, income, right down to what kind of mortgage the house was under and how many children lived at the property. In total, there were 248 different data fields for each household.
12/21/17 Top Phone Scams Of 2017 – According to Hiya’s 2017 Robocall Radar Report, released Tuesday, the number of total unwanted calls to United States customers grew by 76 percent, to about 18 billion from 10 billion in 2016, and a large number of those were scams.
12/21/17 Pinterest notifies users of suspicious activity
12/21/17 Google Researcher Finds Critical Flaw in Keeper Password Manager

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