Scam Phone Call

Date: November 27, 2017 | Categories:

Over the weekend, Gabe received a phone call that came from his phone number. Because it came from his phone number, he decided to answer it. It was a robo caller supposedly from AT&T with a message that the account had been flagged for verification and that it needed the last four of the account owners social security number. He typed in 1234, it said invalid, so he typed in 12344 and it accepted it. It then needed the account pass code to complete verification, he typed in 1234 again and it errored again, but 12344 worked. The system then indicated the account flag had been removed.

The moral of the story is that robo calls, even those that appear legitimate from a vendor that you currently used, cannot be trusted and should not be responded to. If you believe that such a call could be legitimate, hang up and go to your account through the vendor’s website or call the vendor at the phone number on their website.

Have a good one!

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