Scanned Document Malware On The Rise

Cybercriminals are spoofing scanners by the millions to launch attacks containing malicious attachments that appear to be coming from the network printer. Receiving a PDF attachment in an email sent by a printer is so commonplace that many users assume the document is completely safe. Do not make that mistake! Any scanned document you receive via Email should be handled with caution as they are very easily spoofed. Unfortunately, more often than not, these malware documents appear to come from individuals that may be legitimate and that you may communicate with.

Remember that our scanners are set with a unique subject indicating the document did come from someone within PSAB and it is safe to open:

Scanned from a Xerox PSAB 1st Floor

Scanned from a Xerox PSAB 2nd Floor

Remember to use caution with any incoming attachments and always ask IT if you have any concerns prior to opening.

Read more about document scanning malware . . .

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