Security Brief 06/14/19

Date: June 14, 2019 | Categories:

Friday morning, there was an issue with the mail server. As you know, IT uses Friday as a work at home day to document and organize the messes from the week. However, we are always available. There was some confusion on the part of staff as to what to do. Following are the phone numbers of the 4 acting partners for CourseVector. Please feel free to call any or all of them when there is an emergency and we are not in the office. We would, however, ask that you please respect the ticketing system and only make calls for items that are un-responded or are an emergency. CourseVector’s Email resides on the same server as PSAB’s Email, and, therefore, opening a ticket would not have helped as mail was down all directions. That warranted a phone call, and a staff member did just that and we appreciate the notice. Our alert system is tied into the mail server as well, so, even though the server was aware of the issue, it could not let us know. For the record, no Emails were lost. We have a mirrored mail server that queue’s mail in the event of a primary failure. Therefore, as soon as the issue was resolved, all mail was delivered.

Here are the phone numbers. Please make a note of them. As always, if Mira is in the building, you are to go to her first. If she needs help she has multiple ways to reach any of us.
Mike Vandling 717-991-5425
Gabe Mariani 717-903-6554
Josh Choate 302-724-0565
Jennifer Mariani 717-919-8796

Some staff members use Evernote. They have been compromised. This is a reminder that we are not to be using cloud services for work related documents, so, if you use Evernote “personally” please change your password ASAP.
Read more about the Evernote compromise . . .

Have a great weekend everyone!

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