Security Bulletin and Reminders 02/01/20

Date: February 1, 2020 | Categories:

First, IT has an extensive system of backups, not only to protect against a cyber attack, but also to allow speedy recovery of lost data, etc. Lately, staff have been leaving files open at night. For instance, if you leave and have Word, IMIS, Excel, etc., open on your desktop, then you have most likely left files open. Those files do NOT bet backed up. That means that if there is an issue, IT would not be able to restore whatever work was done to those files. Please try to take a few seconds before you leave for the night to save and close all windows, applications and documents. Thanks!

This one goes without saying: Watch Out for Coronavirus Phishing Scams Although not really covered in this article, please be careful clicking on links about the virus, even from sources you may think are valid. Attackers can easily purchase ads and links from legitimate vendors like PennLive, CBS News, etc. We realize that PSAB needs to stay on top of the virus situation and that it can be next to impossible to tell if a link is valid or not. Our in-house protections “should” prevent any issues or infections. If you click a link or ad and anything happens that appears suspicious, please send the suspected link to Should something get through, it is important that we know sooner than later.

Microsoft Issues Excel Security Alert Microsoft has discovered a new attack technique that is being exploited and bypassing security software. The only sure way to protect yourself from this issue is not to open any Excel spreadsheet unless you were expecting it. If you get a spreadsheet that was unexpected and you recognize the contact, take a minute and Email the contact to verify the file was actually legitimate. Do NOT reply to the Email with the Excel sheet. Instead, start a new Email to the individual and request confirmation.

Don’t fall for this scam site that promises to pay you back for data breaches. Not much explanation needed here. Basically, the sites offer a type of personal insurance against data breaches. The ones in this article are fairly obvious, however, there is no doubt if the campaign is successful, they will get more convincing.

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