Security Checklist Following a Windows Update

Date: August 2, 2017 | Categories:

First, sorry for all the security bulletins. We have released more this week than we have in the past three months. Cannot be helped.

Because Microsoft likes to enable tracking and spying on all computers and documents stored on a Windows computer, every time an update is released, the update tends to “reset” the security settings. Technically, especially in secure areas like, Finance, Legal, UC and MRT, this practice is grey area and could compromise compliance.

If you work in one of the above departments or industries, the instructions on our PSAB staff site should be followed after EVERY WINDOWS UPDATE.

The staff site web page is located at Security Checklist Following a Windows Update Please take the time to review the document, and, if you need to, print it. There is simply no way that IT can keep up with all the Windows updates as in addition to these security considerations, every update seems to cause a series of issues from losing printers to not being able to locate network drives. We suspect that Microsoft is going to have to start being more careful pushing updates that break networks and systems, as, in reality, that is not much better than introducing a virus to a network. It takes IT resources and there is downtime with almost every update.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to open a ticket.

Thank You!

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