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It has been awhile since we sent out a security briefing and there are now a couple of items that need brought to the attention of staff.

We are getting a lot of Viral and Phishing Email that has this in the To field:
“To: undisclosed-recipients:”
These Emails can be legitimate. We searched through the year’s archives and a lot of newsletters show up this way as well as some confirmations concerning conferences. Therefore, we cannot block these Emails. However, please be aware that a majority of these Emails are fake. Please be on guard. To date, the fake Emails ask you to look at a drop box document, or a pdf file, etc. They want you to open a document. Again, please use extreme caution and double check the To: field before clicking on any links in the Email. If you are unsure, send them to and a tech will review and confirm.

For those of you who are using Zoom, it works well from tablets and portable devices. Zoom meetings are designed to be on the go and you can join in from the Fire Tablets that were issued to staff prior to the office closing. One word of caution, please be aware of your surroundings. The camera, if set properly, will show you what you are broadcasting. Make sure that the people in the meeting cannot tell your physical location or that you do not have any personal information exposed. It is very easy to record a zoom meeting and small sections of the screen, like desks, windows, mirrors, etc., can easily be enlarged to capture information you may not want disclosed.

We ran across this article that may be of interest for those of you using a cell phone for business: 5 ways to block or hide your number when making calls

If you are connecting to the office remotely, you are using a protocol called RDP. With so many people working from home, bad actors are hard at work and attacks on the RDP services have grown exponentially. Your IT department has a little known piece of software loaded that blocks these attacks automatically, however, any software based security can cause issues if there are more attacks than can be handled within a certain period of time. We suspect that some of you have experienced unexpected disconnects. These can be caused by attacks that you are unaware of and should be reported to IT. The software we have installed has logs and we are able to block particularly offensive attacks at our router which prevents the attacks from causing service issues. Here is an article on these types of attacks for those who may be interested.

That is all for now.

Stay Safe!

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