Security Warnings 7/10/19

Date: July 10, 2019 | Categories:

Fake eFax Emails are spreading malware. Please use caution on any Email that indicates there is a fax attached or wants you to click a link to get to a fax. If you do click on an Emailed fax link and it asks for credentials or something does not look right, please forward the Email to immediately.
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As you may have heard, Apple is phasing out iTunes. Since iTunes contains all the music, videos, photos and backups of your iPhone, this is obviously a major change. Word on the street is that Apple will be separating all of the services into individual pieces instead of one service, however, nothing has been released yet on how they intend to go about that, what it may or may not cost, what happens to your backups, photos, music, etc. This, of course, leaves a huge area for hackers and scammers who have begun to send out fake notices about the change and requesting your immediate response so that you do not lose your services. At this time, IT has no advice on this issue, as the Apple announcement was and is too vague. We would encourage you not to respond to ANY iTunes or Apple requests without first checking with IT. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.
Read more about how scammers are using this Apple announcement to perpetrate scams, etc. . . .

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