Improve SEO with Copywriting

Ensuring the content of your website is up to date, and relevant can increase your overall SEO score. But in order to do so, your content must be well written. Below are some tips to consider when writing content for your site whether you are starting from scratch or updating an existing website.

How To Write New Content

Choose a Topic

When writing new content, choosing a topic is as simple as picking out what the page you are creating will be about.

Ask Questions

Any questions you have regarding the topic should be written down.


Taking time to research the topic will help you collect information. Gather information, take notes and be aware of any repeated information.

Ask More Questions

Consider yourself as someone with no knowledge of your topic–would they have any additional questions?


Once you have your questions and research done, the next step would be to create your content.

Review and Organize

As you create your content, do not expect perfection.–this is where editing and finetuning your information comes in.

Metadata and Headings

Create and read your content before creating the title tag, meta description, and headings.

Perform Keyword Research

Lastly, take your primary topic, do keyword research, and make the appropriate adjustments throughout your content to ensure it reaches the most people.

CourseVector Copywriting Services

Are you the owner of a website offering great services or products, but at a loss for words in describing or writing a page? If so, CourseVector’s copywriting services can assist you.  The loss of words when writing is not an uncommon feeling. At CourseVector, we know just how crucial it is to have good web copy on your site. Your website is the perfect place for great sales copy to interest your new visitors and potential clients. Additionally, good web copy is also important for keeping your current clients informed of any updates or new products and services. CourseVector also knows that professional copywriting services with SEO content are a key factor in ranking your site higher with search engines.

CourseVector’s copywriting services provide you with quality copywriters.  Our copywriters are skilled in writing all types of copy, from sales pieces to informative, how-to articles.

Copywriting Services With SEO In Mind

Rewriting your website, articles, or copy while maintaining keyword density is a good way to rank higher in Google and other search engines. Our team of expert copywriters writes everything by hand; 100% guaranteed. There’s no plagiarism, duplicity or even spinning. Not even a chance of it. We’ll rewrite your entire website or any material, and add a creative, refreshing overall finish to your copy. Our Copywriting Services Include:

  • Rewrite complete websites
  • Rewrite piece-by-piece pages or articles
  • SEO Original Writing

Not only will we re-write, but we’ll also provide researched, original SEO pieces. If you need a promotional piece for publishing, articles for your blog, or basic SEO web copy, we can do it. Our accomplished team of writers can create copy to match all your needs.

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