WordPress Malware Removal Service

CMS-based websites, like those created with WordPress, are under near-constant attack by people trying to gain access to distribute malicious content. “Your website has been hacked” is the last thing a business owner wants to hear. Not only can it cost money in lost sales, it costs money to clean up the mess. It must be fixed quickly and correctly to minimize lost revenue. CourseVector makes it easy with our WordPress Malware Removal Service.

Our advanced process is more effective than other malware removal services on the market, and is affordably priced. Other virus cleaning services are done by running a scanner, which can miss the actual malware hook, allowing the hacker to return and re-infect the site.

CourseVector‘s WordPress Malware Removal Service is different because we remove the malware manually, ensuring removal or identifying the fact that removal is too expensive and a backup should be used to restore.

CourseVector’s Site Cleaning Process:

  1. WordPress Malware Removal by CourseVectorCompare your WordPress installation to a base line installation, and identify every piece of code that does not belong.
  2. We search for and remove Malware manuallyManually remove all malicious content and malware links in all parts of your website, including your posts, pages, comments, and source code.
  3. CourseVector reports on Malware removedProvide a detailed report of the malware that was removed.
  4. Malware protection with CourseVector hostingProtect your site from future attacks. We take security seriously, and offer advanced protection on our servers. Visit our Web Hosting page for more information on our affordable and reliable hosting services.

Even if you don’t host your website with CourseVector, you can take advantage of our remote Managed WordPress Maintenance Plan and we’ll take care of updates, backups, and security.

Hassle-Free WordPress Malware Removal

If your WordPress website has been hacked and you need to remove malware, complete our contact form to inquire about our WordPress Malware Removal Service.

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