Something You Need to Do Because of the Equifax Breach

Did you know that the Social Security Administration allows and requests you to open an online account with them? Did you know that if you did not do so, the information that was released is sufficient for someone to open the account in your name, start your social security payments, and you will not know anything until you apply for social security. Worse, the Social Security Administration does not have a policy on how they will be handling this issue.

At best, someone could start taking your social security long before you intend to and once discovered and corrected you can start getting the “reduced” payments. At worst, you may not get social security.

If you intend to collect social security, it is strongly advised the you activate your account as soon as possible. Once activated, the Social Security Administration verifies changes by snail mail, so that should stop someone from stealing your account.

You can activate your account at the following link, however, at the time of this writing, the link was overwhelmed and not working. You may need to try back at a later time.

My Social Security Account

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