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Why did our Spam Quarantine reports change?

In an effort to keep prices reasonable, CourseVector had to switch spam filtering services again. Beginning in January of 2019, clients may have noticed a difference in the quarantine reports.

Can I release an email from quarantine?

Follow the instructions in the quarantine report to log into the system. We do send all clients credentials. But if you have forgotten, you can reset the password. Once in, go to “my quarantine”, check the box next to the email you’d like to release. Click the “release and whitelist” button to send the email to your inbox and add the email address to your safe senders list.

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Why have I been getting more spam than before?

Believe it or not, we hear this complaint from people with and without the spam filter. It seems to happen in spurts from time to time. This is a difficult question to answer, as your email address may have found its way onto a spam mailing list. There is no way for us to tell why you have noticed an uptick in spam emails.

How do we report spam that shows up in our inbox?

Simply forward the entire message to the ticketing system ( or with a message that the email was missed spam.

Can I blacklist an email address myself?

If you’d rather take care of it yourself, you can blacklist email addresses on your own. Log into the system, go to “my whitelist / blacklist”, and add the address to the blacklist list. This is also the place where you can add email addresses to your whitelist if they have not already appeared in your quarantined messages list list.

Just be sure to pay attention to the heading on this page. You don’t want to inadvertently whitelist an email address you’re trying to block.

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If you have any additional questions or need additional support please visit our support page or email to open a support ticket.

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