Spam Filters Blocking Websites

This week, a staff member could not get to a website because it was blocked by filters. The site being accessed was not the issue. The problem was that the page being requested contained an ad that pointed to a malicious website. Therefore the entire page was blocked. There is very little that can be done about that situation. Allowing access to the page will also allow access to the ad with the malware. Usually, the ads rotate, so waiting a few hours and trying again may allow the page to be viewed.

However, now there is another variable to deal with. Sites are now recognizing that the ads are being blocked and they prevent access to their entire site until the security filters are removed. We are not sure of the logic here, as if a website posts a malicious ad and then forces the visitor to view and possibly click that ad, one would think that site visits would decrease drastically. Who wants to be forced into a malware infection? The bottom line is that websites “should” take precautions to prevent selling ads to hackers and malware distribution networks. But, sadly most do not.

I you have any questions about this issue, please contact your IT administrator.

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