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Author: Mike | Date: November 20, 2019 | Categories: ,

When the Spamwall Filter quarantines a message, the user is able to determine the reason that the message was quarantined by reviewing the Content Type within the user’s control panel. If you have forgotten how to access the spam filter user interface, you can find instructions here. If the content type is Virus, neither the user or CourseVector support can release that Email message. The system does not have the ability to forward potential malware to a user’s computer.

If the user requests to have a virus released, an Email will be sent indicating the reason for the quarantine as follows:
From =
Subject = Invoice Discrepency vs Quote – 915 sent 11.18.2019
Date = 11/18/2011 @ 12:24:07
Score = 0
Status = Pending
Content Type = V

If the Content Type = V, that means that the message was quarantined because of a potentially viral attachment. That does not always indicate that the attachment was viral. There is a chance that the Content Type is a false positive. Spamwall quarantines thousands of viral attachments every day and the majority are, indeed, virus or malware laden. If you suspect that the Email is legitimate, we suggest you contact the sender and have them fax the document. This is considered standard practice for any message tagged with a Content Type of V.

Again, contacting support to release the message will not resolve the issue as we have no way to intentionally infect a user’s system.

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